I Am Not a Laboratory Mouse, Am I?

To help me conquer the morning drowsiness, my son Kevin suggests me to try a cup of coffee in the early morning. Even though I have told him that drinking even a tiny amount of caffeine will keep me up through the night, he insists me trying it out in the morning, saying caffeine won’t stay in a human body for more than 8 hours to interfere a person’s sleep afterwards.

OK, I heard his argument, and had a cup of regular coffee this morning at 8am. Now it is a new day’s morning 1:47am and I am still up and invigorating!

So I go upstairs to ask my “night owl” son Kevin why so. His answer gets me really upset: “Dad, you may have some gene that prevents your body to rid off caffeine, like some of my laboratory mice do. Do you want me to test it for you, Dad?”

No, thank you, Kevin! Your old man is NOT a white mouse!

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