Aged Beautifully

After many years apart, I bumped into a high school classmate on a street of my home town several days ago. The meeting was a bit dramatic at the beginning: her name jumped out of my tongue right away while it took her a few minutes (maybe a few seconds, but for me it was really too long a while) to “guess” out who I am.

Now there is no difficulty to imagine that she was an attractive girl in my school, and me amongst those of her admirers.

But what amazed me is that she still looks pretty and charming, though in a way different from her youth. Honestly she aged beautifully!

Yes, I know it is not fair (for me 🙂 ), but how she did it.

I think I find out the reason after met her husband the other day.

The man was among the smartest and the most matured in the school. He was best known for his great school scores and his western look. But unfortunately, his crippled legs not only kept him away from going far in his education, but also make it really hard for him to find a girl to spend the rest of his life together with. Just imagine how courageous, loving and insightful the girl-that classmate of mine was and what a pressure she had to endure to mary that man! But she just did it!

I saw proudness and love from his eyes while listening to him telling the past. At that moment all suddenly became very simple: the love between him and her in all their married years was the only secret for her to age beautifully!

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2 Responses to Aged Beautifully

  1. 木钉 says:

    A pretty woman cannot seize her youth forever. However, she can freeze her elegance and charm with a loving heart and wisdom.

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