A Cursed Life

I guess “cursed” maybe too strong a word to use here. What I really meant to express here is a life that was revealed in a sad dream many many years ago and scarily proved true over the years followed.

We Chinese have a long history of believing in “signs” and ”omens”. And this is particularly true when we need to know badly about the “better” in some seemingly life-changing situations.

There is , however, more often than not a chance we throw ourselves into some irrisitable “sorrow” when our signs and omens are negative! We become hopelessly “cursed”, regretting knowing a disappointing future too soon.

Anyway, I’d say, still worse scenarios are unfortunate signs and omens crop up by themselves, with no any consent of ours, not even a tiny bit, and later those signs become the reality. Isn’t this unfair and cruel for those trapped by the mess(though I do know life in generally not fair)?

To conclude, there are people in this world have their wandering life-courses uncovered in their early ages. For them the best thing, I believe, to do is to accept the ill-fate, and live the best possible out of it.

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