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7 Types of Love, As Per Plato and Aristotle

Eros Eros is sexual or passionate love, and is the type most akin to our modern construct of romantic love. Philia The hallmark of philia, or friendship, is shared goodwill. Storge Storge (‘store-gae’), or familial love, is a kind of philia pertaining to the love between parents and … Continue reading

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八月十八日-十九日W,S夫妇俩,由E和Z两位相陪来到多市。四十年前的大学同窗,在海天万里外的加国相逢,非常开心!!! 这也是我这一段时间以来,心情非常正面的两天!如同艳阳丽日驱散了乌云漫天! 感谢他们的到来,唤起我对青春飞扬的校园岁月的回忆,让我重又记起W伯父伯母在我大三实习时对我的亲切照顾,也为我们每个人都还有精力游览大自然的美好而感恩! 在他们呆在加拿大的剩下几个日子里,希望他们能继续好好的游览、欣赏魁省丰富而瑰丽的人文、自然景观;同时又休息好,保持健康,平安回到家乡。 同窗是一份奇特的缘分。愿同窗们常怀赤子之心,友谊永存!

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J and D Come to Visit Us

I had big part of my house cleaned, to welcome J and D to spend a night with us. And then we had some wonderful time together: chatting, dinner, walking beside Lake Wilcox, etc. A good day to remember.

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English, a Lifelong Challenge

If it was a journey to improve my English in the past 30 some years, now it is the time to struggle to retain as much as possible what I had learned. Neither could be considered as anything “easy”.

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也许在阴云笼罩,寒冷围绕的情形下久了些吧。当偶尔阳光灿烂,沐浴身心的时候,竟然会有些手足无措,难以置信的感觉。 过去的几个日子里,我开始有意识地激励自己。在阴冷的时候,坦然地等候阳关明媚。当阳光照临的时候,心里珍惜,温柔地享受那美好。 这样,心中有和眴温柔阳光的日子也许会多起来!

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