Free WIFI Riding Beijing’s Public Transit

It is absolutely insane that anyone riding a bus or a subway train gets WIFI connections at no charge at all.

And the magic WIFI access point on each bus or subway cabine is named as 16WiFi. No password is required.

With a VPN readily available on one’s tablet and/or cellphone, one can easily access overseas web sites, such as Google, YouTube and Facebook, etc.

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I clicked to start watching “Notting Hill ” after moving the mouse pointer on the Netflix screen for a little while. Wasn’t it some 10 years ago I watched this movie?

There is one line said by the Oscar winning actress Anna Scott ( starred by Julia Roberts) to the owner of a London travel book store William Thacker (Hugh Grant):

“I am also just a girl, standing in front of a boy asking him to love her”.

The movie’s plot is nothing more than a modern fairytale. But this line alone seems a good demonstration of one of the most fundamental needs of the humanbeings (men and women): love, on top of any other material and social attachments.

And it is in this sense, I personally believe, that the International Women’s Day can be celebrated as a day of love and equality between the two opposite genders.

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Like these sayings

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

The falling leaves settle on the roots.

What comes from dust will return to dust.

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刚过去的《中华诗词大会》是以来自上海的高中女生武亦姝抡元拉上了帷幕。武亦姝也因此风靡了全国, 尤其是全国的诗词爱好者 — 一个00后的现代女孩子竟拥有惊世骇俗的诗词修养和恬静温婉的闺秀气质,殊为难得!不由得感慨,山川日月之精气,钟于一人,遂生出此奇女子!

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红酒是加州纳帕酒庄Folie à Deux的2013年调制酒Ménage à Trois。

Medium ruby colour; ripe blackberry fruit and raspberry jam aromas; medium-bodied with rich, ripe fruit flavours.

白酒是加拿大安省尼亚加拉酒庄Chateau des Charmes 的2015年Sauvignon Blanc.

Pale straw colour; intense citrus and gooseberry aromas and flavours, with hints of pea pods; dry, refreshing lime acidity with a clean, dry finish. Excellent Sauvignon Blanc.


menage-a-trois sauvignon-blanc

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A Cursed Life

I guess “cursed” maybe too strong a word to use here. What I really meant to express here is a life that was revealed in a sad dream many many years ago and scarily proved true over the years followed.

We Chinese have a long history of believing in “signs” and ”omens”. And this is particularly true when we need to know badly about the “better” in some seemingly life-changing situations.

There is , however, more often than not a chance we throw ourselves into some irrisitable “sorrow” when our signs and omens are negative! We become hopelessly “cursed”, regretting knowing a disappointing future too soon.

Anyway, I’d say, still worse scenarios are unfortunate signs and omens crop up by themselves, with no any consent of ours, not even a tiny bit, and later those signs become the reality. Isn’t this unfair and cruel for those trapped by the mess(though I do know life in generally not fair)?

To conclude, there are people in this world have their wandering life-courses uncovered in their early ages. For them the best thing, I believe, to do is to accept the ill-fate, and live the best possible out of it.

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